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  • About BaleForce Recycling Equipment

    BaleForce provides the next generation of recycling equipment loaded with features that will increase your productivity and save operating costs.

  • Horizontal Balers - LD Series

    Safety, reliability, and value are just three of the reasons you should choose a LD-Series Horizontal Baler from BaleForce Recycling Equipment. The LD-Series Horizontal Balers feature heavy-duty channel and plate construction with advanced hydraulics and PLC controls.

  • Two Ram Balers

    The Two-Ram Series' key to performance lies in its innovative shear design along with its ease of operation. It utilizes a heavy duty box section frame design, combined with the standard Bale Door/Bale Release System to ensure maximum bale density and efficiencies.

  • Used Equipment

    As well as providing rent, lease and purchase options for our new equipment, we also offer a wide range of used equipment. Be sure to check out our inventory in the Used Equipment section, which is updated regularly.

  • Contact Us

    Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our equipment or services. A professional service representative will gladly be able to assist you in finding the right product for you. Get in touch with us today!


  • Save Operational Costs

    Our advanced recycling equipment is made entirely with the most durable, high quality materials. They are designed to provide you with both the highest productivity, as well as the lowest operational costs.
  • In-House Inventory

    We realize that running a business is expensive and time consuming. That is why we carry a large inventory of in-house parts. Now all of your recycling equipment needs are in one place, saving you time and money.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service

    At BaleForce, we work hard to ensure our customer's satisfaction. Our 24 hour emergency service helps you keep your peace of mind. A professional representative is available anytime for one on one service.
Are you looking for a new, used, or refurbished recycling system? Questions about a rental, lease or purchase? Maybe you need a custom installation. Contact us today, we can help.
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Horizontal Balers

LD Series • Closed Door Series
Auto-Tie Series • EXP Series

For higher production levels and automatic operation, a Horizontal Baler can make your waste recycling operation more efficient.

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Two Ram Balers

Provides quick change-over for multi-material recycling

The Two-Ram Horizontal Baler
is engineered, designed and manufactured using the latest technology in the baling industry.

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Vertical Balers

A good low cost option when production volume isn’t priority

Our Vertical Balers feature heavy-duty construction and advanced hydraulics usually found on much larger, more expensive balers.

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Conveyors & Sort Systems

Conveyors • Screens
Optical Sorting

The Conveyor Series is available in above ground and pit configurations, and features 24″ side walls as well as PET punching options.

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